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Our exemplary Counselors

Along with our Founder Shirish Gupta and the co-directors Rashmi Thakur and Suhaila Gurmukhani, Mnemonic Education consists of the most qualified and experienced guidance Counselors in the Delhi NCR. Unlike the many other, our Counselors are not just trained and groomed at some training institute. They are highly experienced individuals who themselves have studied and worked abroad for many years and have gradually shifted to the education sector because of their passion and believing in helping young students achieve global experience.

Apart from an impressive work CV, our Counselors have also been certified by various top universities from US and are also certified practitioners of MBTI and STRONG psychology tests. These qualities ensure that our guidance Counselors have the cutting edge and have the personal experience to back any and every advice they give.

As a reputed Counselor, Shirish Gupta has been invited as the keynote speaker at various Global Education Conferences and has been conducting workshops and seminars for students, principals, and Counselors across numerous schools and colleges. He is the member of NCDA (National Career Development council) and has spent countless years trying to bring about a change in our education system and help more and more young students achieve the tools to build a better future for themselves. All our guidance Counselors unanimously believe in the fact that education always comes first and they do everything in their power to entire that their students receive the best of it.

How can a guidance Counselor help you better?

Over the last 20 years, Internet and globalisation has bought the world closer. This is led to more and more people taking a chance and moving abroad to see a world. This has specially been true for the students. A processes of studying abroad gives not only a chance to live through a different culture but also a chance for them to earn the benefits of modern education at global scale. This global experience has proved invaluable for various jobs.

Hence, over the years, there has been a steep rise in the number of students applying for foreign admissions. From less than 50 thousand students in 1995 to about 150 thousand students enrolled in the US from India in 2015. This results in more convoluted admission processes and competitive examinations. The colleges only want the best of students as their flag bearers and keep changing their tricky admission processes almost on yearly basis. As such, even though students are perfectly capable of getting an admission by themselves, the process becomes very hectic and chaotic. And even the smallest mistake can take the chance to study in their dream college away.

Guidance Counselors can help the students in many ways. They can not only help them make the right decision based on their experience, but they also provide new knowledge that a student might not be aware of. They help in assessing student’s strengths and weakness and helping them chose the best career option. They also have the connections and tie-ups with various top universities all over the world, so they are always in the loop of new and changing rules.

All these reasons make a guidance Counselor an invaluable asset. They can not only drastically increase your admission chances but they can also make the admission process easier and more streamlined. This leave the student to focus on other matters as he can rest easy that his/her guidance Counselor is working hard to make his/her dream admission come true.

Why Mnemonic education?

Mnemonic education has had proud history of always placing education and students first. Over the years, we have helped thousands of students in many fields. Be it career Counseling, test prep or foreign admissions. We understand the fact that each and every student is unique and should be treated as such. We don’t believe in a generalised program that can be applied to everyone. We cater to our students strengths and help them improve their weaknesses.

Our highly experienced and expert guidance Counselors have not only studied abroad but have been trained and certified by many top foreign universities. This gives them a bigger perspective how foreign admission works and can more closely relate to the student. They are also constantly updated with the new upcoming innovate teaching methods and always changing admission criteria.

Our application process is also highly efficient and simplified. It takes away a lot of chaos that comes with during foreign admissions and drastically increases your admission chances. Thousands of students have benefitted from our simplified processes as it gave them a chance to focus on other important things while we took care of their admission.

Finally, we have an unmatched passion for education and truly believe that each student should get the chance to receive top education so that he/she may have the tools to better shape theirs and our future.

Our Experts

Shirish Gupta
B.Tech, M.S (USA)
Certified Career Expert
Founder & Director

Shirish Gupta is a renowned education Counselor who is the founder of Mnemonic education. He has studied and worked in US for over 10 years in different sectors before settling in for his one true passion - helping students achieve their dreams.

Suhaila Gurmukhani
Eco (Hons), MBA
Certified Career Expert
Director - Admissions

As a WHO employee Suhaila has worked extensively with many global organizations in various domains ranging from banking, technology, political and social service. This made her realise her true calling is helping students fulfil their potential.

Rashmi Thakur
Certified Career Expert
Director - Counseling

Rashmi is an expert Counselor with more than ten years of experience in fields such as education, career Counseling, and human resource management. She believes that each student should follow their passion and hence tries to find the perfect path to suit her students.

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